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boat and killer whales

Race To The


It is still possible to save the world’s oceans. Fish stocks can grow strong again. When the ecology works, the sea becomes the salvation for all living things. The solutions exist – but there is a hurry. And requires short-term sacrifices from us humans.

Today, 90 percent of all the world’s fish stocks are maximally exploited or threatened with collapse.

Deep Sea Productions dives into the world’s oceans. We find grotesque predation and suffering of people and animals. But we also find a harmonious underwater world teeming with life. It’s like swimming in a dream – created by long-term sustainable political decisions.


  • Directors:

    Peter Löfgren & Lena Scherman
  • Producer:

    Johan Candert
  • Executive producer:

    Carl Douglas
  • Director of Photography:

    Leif Eiranson, Roberto Lo Monaco, Simon Stanford, Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
  • Underwater Photography:

    Göran Ehlmé , Johan Candert, Tobias Dahlin, Lars Öivind Knutsen
  • Editor:

    Alexandre Gobatti Ramos

  • Pre-production:

    Aug – Oct 2021
  • Production:

    Oct 2021 – April 2022
  • Post-production:

    Mar – Apr 2022
  • Format:

    1 x 52 minutes

  • Detailed Pitch:


Norway Reel

Race To The Bottom