boat and killer whales

Conflict Beneath
the Waves


Up until the end of the twentieth century most people thought that the oceans were a limitless resource but sometime during the 1960s we began to realise that this was not the case. Many of the world’s most important fisheries were in crisis. A situation that has only become more acute.

In Conflict Beneath the Waves we explore the intensifying global struggle for this shrinking “resource”. The documentary describes the situation in the world’s oceans (specifically in Norway, South Africa, Ireland, USA and Sweden) and visits traditional, coastal fishermen who are forced to give up when industrial trawlers empty their waters.

The ocean is central to life on earth, peoples’ livelihoods and the economy but will we be able to find a sustainable and holistic balance in our management of the ocean before it’s too late?


  • Directors:

    Peter Löfgren & Johan Candert
  • Producer:

    Simon Stanford
  • Director of Photography:

    Leif Eiranson & Simon Stanford
  • Underwater Photography:

    Göran Ehlmé & Johan Candert

  • Pre-production:

    Aug – Oct 2021
  • Production:

    Oct 2021 – Feb 2022
  • Post-production:

    Mar – Apr 2022
  • Format:

    1 x 52 minutes


Norway Reel

Conflict Beneath the Waves

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