The Secret
of Fish


The Secret Universe of Fish presents the world from a fish’s perspective. Our underwater film team opens up the world under the surface. We explore how fish experience the world, how they differ as individual personalities.

We present the latest scientific research which will change how we view fish and the fishing industry and how we relate to the world under the surface of the oceans.

In this documentary existential questions that affect all living organisms are explored.

Why do we humans relate to the world under the sea as an alien universe? How have we given ourselves the right to treat the oceans as a garbage tip? Why don’t we afford marine creatures the same rights as those on land?


  • Directors:

    Johan Candert / Peter Löfgren
  • Producer:

    Johan Candert
  • Editor:

    Kajsa Grandell
  • Photography:

    Leif Eiranson / Simon Stanford
  • Underwater Photography:

    Tobias Dahlin , Johan Candert & Göran Ehlmé

  • Delivery:

    Spring 2022, Shot on Red 6k
  • Format:

    1 x 52 minutes



The Universe of Fish

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