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They emptied our seas –
democracy below the surface


All citizens desire fish-rich and healthy seas. The EU is governed democratically.
So why are the EU’s seas fished out and on the brink of ecological collapse? 

“They Emptied Our Seas” is an investigative documentary that delves
into the hidden truths behind the depletion of fish stocks in European waters.
It presents a compelling ”diving detective story”, weaving together breathtaking
and shocking underwater imagery that illustrates the stark contrast between
healthy and overfished areas. Through this visual journey, the film aims to
shed light on the conscious policies and decisions made behind closed doors
that have led to the current state of overfishing.

However, the documentary not only exposes the problem but also offers a
constructive approach. It showcases inspiring examples of how marine life
and ecosystems can be revived and restored, providing hope for the future.

With a strong emphasis on urgent and timely reporting, “They Emptied Our Seas”
uncovers the reasons behind the depletion of fish stocks across Europe,
identifies those responsible, and underscores the importance of restoring our oceans
for future generations. While time is of the essence, the film conveys the message
that it is not too late to take action.

“They Emptied Our Seas” is scheduled to premiere in December.


  • Director:

    Peter Löfgren
  • Producer:

    Hjalmar Palmgren
  • Editor

    Helena Fredriksson
  • Format

    1 x 52 min
  • Shot on Red 8K and 6K
  • Detailed Pitch:



They Emptied our Seas