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Simon Stanford

I grew up, close to nature, on a farm in South Africa, caring for the environment was a central value for my family and for my community. It was easy to take responsibility for something we owned and could make decisions about whether we were white and privileged in apartheid South Africa! But we were a society in conflict where the majority of our people were dispossessed and disempowered.

Peter Löfgren

I grew up by the Baltic Sea, in the Blekinge archipelago. Since I was a child, I have fished for household supplies. But at the turn of the millennium, my favorite fish disappeared. I investigated what had happened in the documentary “The Last Cod”.

Lena Scherman

For me, the sea has always felt big, deep, unmanageable and a little dangerous – while I traveled the world, usually to very dangerous places, to report on war, famine and natural disasters. I reported on islands disappearing in the flow of the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh and on dying coral in the Philippines. And it took a while before I understood that everything was connected and much had its origin in what is happening in our oceans. And then I wanted to know more, gain knowledge and immerse myself. The sea is unfathomable, but I am also very curious and I want to try to make more people curious about what happens down there and how everything is connected.

Johan Candert

I grew up on the Baltic Sea, in a sailboat. My strong bond with the sea was already born there. My earliest memories are snorkeling with my dad and trying to catch flatfish with my hands, dad using a harpoon. Diving entered my life early but didn’t become a passion until a visit to North Florida in 1993. It was spring and I had finished competing on the US pro alpine skiing tour, had money to spare and didn’t want to go home to Sweden. On the way into a cave, my skiing friend and I were greeted by a large sign. GO NO FURTHER – UNLESS CAVE TRAINED. You will die! But as a young fit elite athlete, such a sign does not bite. We swim on until we meet two “real” cave divers who firmly lead us out. The rest is history.


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