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The Company

Our Origins

Deep Sea Productions was founded in 1997 by extreme diving partners, Carl Douglas and Johan Candert. The company was established as a platform to distribute the unique underwater film and photographic material they were producing from places where very few cameras had ventured before. 

In 2004 we produced our first 90 minute feature documentary, Mystery of the Missing Spy Plane. A cold war story about the recovery of a Swedish surveillance plane that was shot down over the Baltic by a soviet fighter jet. The film built on the unique underwater images that Deep Sea filmed when they were part of a team that discovered the lost plane on the seabed in the middle of the Baltic. The film was primarily produced for SVT but was also successfully distributed internationally.

Deep Sea Productions rapidly evolved from a company that created unique images to a media production house for high end documentaries and reportages.

fish hiding


We have since 2004 produced hundreds of hours of top quality content for leading Swedish, Nordic and international broadcasters including over 30 documentary films.

Deep Sea Productions has produced a wide diversity of documentaries including the following titles:

2004 – Mystery of the Missing Spy Plane (90′ SVT + International)
2006 – The Horseman (90′ SVT, SF, International)
2007 –The Wreck Divers (3 x 60′ SVT Series)
2008 – The Olympic Road (3 x 60′ SVT, NRK, YLE)
2011 – Ghost Ship (60′ SVT, Nat Geo)
2015 – Mars The Magnificent (60′ SVT, ZDF, ARTE)
2019 – Conquering The Mountain (60′ SVT, NRK, DR, ARTE, ZDF, ORF)
2019 – Cod – Hope of The Baltic Sea (60′ SVT, NRK DR)
2020 – Captured by Al Qaeda (78′ SVT, International)
2021 – Secret Universe of fish (52′ SVT, Swedish)
2022 – Secret Life of Seals (52′ SVT, Swedish)
2022 – Sahara Prison (52’International)
2022 – Race To The Bottom (52′ SVT, Swedish)
2023 – Chasing Walrus (49’International)

diver with camera in green ocean

Deep Sea TODAY

In 2020 we made the decision to refocus on our core interest, THE OCEAN.

What happens in the deep is paramount for the survival of our planet as we know it. We have come to the conclusion that we want to tell the world about what happens down there. Human activities have a great impact on the life below the surface and we feel it’s time for us humans to get to know this vast part of planet earth before it’s too late.

A first step in this journey has been the launch of our digital magazine DEEP SEA REPORTER.

Deep Sea Reporter is editorially independent which allows us to choose what we publish. Our executive editor, Peter Löfgren is a highly experienced former international news correspondent and news editor with a passion for the sea that is reflected in his extensive knowledge of marine issues.