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The SecretUniverse of Fish
the tecret universe of fish
The Secret Universe of Fish presents the world from a fish’s perspective. Our underwater film team opens up the world under the surface. We explore how …
This story is meant to be about walrus and a stubborn photographer who went back to see how the animals he had come to care so deeply about were faring …
ConflictBeneath the Waves
Conflict Beneath the Waves
Up until the end of the twentieth century most people thought that the oceans were a limitless resource but sometime during the 1960s we began to realise …

Who we are

carl douglas

Carl Douglas

Chairman & Co-Founder
Carl is an entrepreneur and business-leader whose passion has always been the oceans. Carl co-founded Deep Sea Productions with …
johan candert

Johan Candert

CEO & Co- founder
Johan heads up the team at Deep Sea Productions. He is a veteran documentary film producer/director who began his career …
simon stanford

Simon Stanford

Senior Producer/ Cinematographer
Simon has over a long career filmed and produced news reports, documentaries and films from virtually every corner of the …

Peter Löfgren

Editorial Chief & Director
Peter started his career as the SVT (Swedish Television) correspondent in the former Soviet Union and in the Middle East before …
Lena Scherman

Lena Scherman

International Correspondent
Lena has been affiliated with SVT, Sweden’s Public Service broadcaster for more than 20 years. She has produced both long form …

Hjalmar Palmgren

Hjalmar Palmgren has a long career in film and television. Hjalmar has been a film producer, post production producer for …

Apollonia Meleouni

Freelance Editor & Graphic Designer
Apollonia holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights from Lund University. She has been working for different human rights …
alexandre gobatti ramos

Alexandre Gobatti

Editor & Camera Assistant
Alexandre Gobatti Ramos is a Brazilian editor who joined our team in 2020. In his home city, São Paulo, he developed a passion for …
leif eiranson

Leif Eiranson

Director of Photography
Leif has been active as a film photographer since 1988. He was employed at various production companies between 1988-1998 and …
göran ehlmé

Göran Ehlmé

Underwater Photographer/
Göran is a multi award winning underwater photographer and filmmaker with over 40 years diving experience in open water and …
Lars Öivind Knutsen

Lars Öivind Knutsen

Contributing Director
Lars Öivind has a master degree in ecology from the University of Oslo. During the 80s and the 90s he worked for the Norwegian and …

Tobias Dahlin

Underwater Photographer
Tobias is a multi award winning underwater photographer who has among his many merits won the 2016 Cold Water class 1st …
Kajsa Grandell

Kajsa Grandell

Freelance Editor
Kajsa Grandell is self-employed and has worked as a TV-Film editor for 20 years. Her tasks have been within almost every genre …
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