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greenland walrus

In Production

Ocean Dreams Stories of Hope
OCEAN DREAMS is a testament to the resilience of marine ecosystems when they are given the space and time to recover from human impact. And a reminder of the urgent need to protect our oceans for generations to come.
Blue IntelligenceExploring Other Minds
Where do we look for intelligence? In this ground-breaking documentary, we look at how the idea that ocean animals can think, feel and be conscious is increasingly becoming accepted by researchers and the broader public.
The Secrets ofthe Western Sea
The Secrets of the Western Sea is an ambitious Swedish documentary and underwater film that seeks to blend the stunning natural scenery of the Swedish west coast with an emphasis on beauty and vulnerability….
Galapagos-beneaththe thin blue line
The Galapagos—extreme, isolated, and renowned for unique wildlife and biodiversity. It is one of the most extraordinary places on our planet and home to giant tortoises, penguins,…