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The Secrets of
the Western Sea


The Secrets of the Western Sea” aims to be a unique Swedish documentary film /
underwater film that combines natural scenes of the Swedish west coast with
artistic impressions. The film explores the sea from both philosophical and
biological perspectives
, with an emphasis on beauty and vulnerability.

The Secrets of the Western Sea” is a captivating film that unveils the
extraordinary underwater world hidden beneath the surface. It introduces
viewers to a realm teeming with life, showcasing a plethora of unique life forms,
mesmerizing patterns, and vibrant colors that one would not expect to find in Sweden.
The film offers an unprecedented glimpse into peculiar behaviors that have
never been captured on camera before.

Throughout the year, we are taken on a journey alongside the sea’s inhabitants,
witnessing the specific conditions of each season that give rise to biological
variations and challenges. However, the film also sheds light on the numerous
threats facing our marine environment, for which we bear responsibility.

It becomes evident to viewers that immediate action is imperative if we are
to ensure the preservation of this captivating underwater world for future generations.


  • Director:

    Tobias Dahlin
  • Producer:

    Hjalmar Palmgren
  • Underwater Photography:

    Tobias Dahlin
  • Detailed Pitch:



The Secrets of the Western Sea